Eight of ten adults will suffer from some form of back pain during his or her lifetime. As a result, back pain is the second leading cause of work absences.   Back pain can be caused by falls, automobile collisions and workplace accidents. Back pain can be excruciating and disabling in nature. Fortunately, conservative treatments such as bed rest, brief absences from work, medications, physical therapy sessions, etc., can effectively treat the symptoms of back pain and discomfort.  In some instances, the injury victim's pain and discomfort does not resolve after conservative care. Sometimes the patient will experience pain down the leg or in the buttock region. In those cases, the patient should seek immediate medical care from a back specialist such as an orthopedic physician, a neurologist or neurosurgeon. These physicians may not be satisfied with x-ray studies because these types of radiological tests do not show all conditions that may exist along the spinal column. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test or a CAT scan (Computerized Tomography) allows the doctor to evaluate the patient thoroughly and to render a proper diagnosis to the patient. If you were involved in an Easton accident or Berks County accident and you have suffered back injuries, it is important to protect your legal rights.  Review the "10 Rules to follow if you are in an accident" instructions provided.  Then call an Easton accident back injury lawyer and Easton accident attorney who's firm handles Northampton County accident cases involving back injuries.

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