Under section 301 (a) of the Pennsylvania Code, every employer is responsible for any accidents or deaths that may occur to their employees while in the course of their employment.  Employers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must provide workers compensation coverage for all employees.   Benefits are determined on a Total Disability or Partial Disability Status. Total disability applies to workers who are totally disabled and unable to work at all. Partial disability applies to workers who can no longer fulfill their previous position because of a work injury but are still able to work. Compensation may be paid out for work induced injury, illness or diseases. Compensation will not be paid when the injury is self-inflicted or caused by employee negligence. Intoxication leading to injury or death will also not be covered. If you have been injured while at work prompt reporting is necessary. Report the incident to your employer as soon as possible. If you were injured at work, call an Easton PA Workers Compensation lawyer. If you or a loved one was injured while at work, it is important to protect your legal rights.  Call an Easton PA Workers Compensation lawyer and Easton PA Workers Compensation attorney who's firm handles Northampton County work injuries resulting in injury or death.

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